Geistlich-Stucki-Stiftung, Basel

The history of the Geistlich-Stucki Foundation

The Geistlich-Stucki Foundation was established by last will of the married couple Dr. Peter and Annemarie Geistlich-Stucki. Both dedicated their professional lives and their enthusiasm to medicine. A brief insight into the lives of the founding couple is provided below.

Geistlich-Stucki Foundation - Basel
Geistlich-Stucki Foundation - Basel
The founders | Dr. Peter and Annemarie Geistlich-Stucki (photo: June 1984)

Dr. Peter Geistlich was a personality in more ways than one. As a scientist, he was a pioneer in the field of bone and tissue regeneration with biomaterials, thus setting milestones in regenerative dentistry. With great commitment and passion for science, he realised his vision and thus laid the foundation stone of Geistlich-Pharma AG, which had previously manufactured adhesives. Demonstrating a considerable degree of creativity, he tirelessly searched for new products for the family business (then called ‘E. Geistlich Söhne AG’). Thanks to his skills, he understood how to make the results of research work useful for everyday dental practice. Today Geistlich Pharma AG is one of the world’s leading companies in the research and manufacture of regenerative dental solutions. In the meantime, its areas of application have spread to the fields of orthopaedics and medicine.

For Mrs Annemarie Geistlich-Stucki, the wife of Dr. Peter Geistlich, ’medicine’ was also the focal point of her life. However, her field of activity was quite different: Mrs Geistlich worked for many years as a science journalist. With this background, her journalistic instinct and her daily exposure to medical topics through her husband’s work, she succeeded in presenting complex, medical contexts in a generally comprehensible way, thus making them accessible to a wider audience.

In her will, she dedicated a large part of her estate to the establishment of the Geistlich-Stucki Foundation with the aim of the further promotion of pioneering work and research work.

Geistlich-Stucki Foundation - Basel