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The Geistlich-Stucki Foundation for Medical Research provides financial support in three funding areas.

Geistlich-Stucki Foundation - Basel

1. Geistlich-Stucki promotion of young academics

The Foundation finances projects and clinical studies by young academics in the field of tissue regeneration using biological materials, especially in oral and maxillofacial surgery and also in cancer research. The aim of the projects should be the (further) development of new, effective therapies and materials and support and promotion for the professional development of the applicants.

In particular, the salary costs of the junior academic are financed through the corresponding institute.

Applications can be submitted to the Foundation using the contact form. We invite you to read the information below before submitting your application. Many thanks.

2. Peter and Annemarie Geistlich-Stucki Grant by Osteology Foundation.

Large Clinical Grants are funded in collaboration with the Osteology Foundation. For more information and to submit an application, please visit the joint information platform The Box.

The Peter and Annemarie Geistlich-Stucki Grant by Osteology Foundation is a joint grant programme to address sound clinical research questions in the field of oral and maxillofacial tissue regeneration. Grants are limited to 350’000 Swiss francs with a maximum project duration of three years. The funding is exclusively provided by the Geistlich-Stucki Foundation.

For further information about the Peter and Annemarie Geistlich-Stucki Grant by Osteology Foundation grant can be found here:

Osteology Foundation

Applications for this grant programme can be submitted yearly through The BOX – the Global Osteology Community Platform hosted by the Osteology Foundation.

Registered users of The BOX can submit applications for grants and scholarships, but also join groups of researchers and practitioners, share and discuss clinical cases, and establish networks with colleagues from all over the world.

To apply for the Peter and Annemarie Geistlich-Stucki Grant by Osteology Foundation grant:

*By clicking on the link, you will be redirected to The BOX, the online submission system hosted by the Osteology Foundation. The information provided upon application will be shared between the two Foundations for administrative and reviewing purposes.

3. Scholarship programme

The Foundation supports younger people with a clinical orientation who wish to gain experience at a university abroad for a year or temporarily attend a Swiss university from abroad.

Geistlich-Stucki Foundation - Basel