Geistlich-Stucki-Stiftung, Basel


Within the framework of its funding strategy and based on the Foundation’s statutes, the Geistlich-Stucki Foundation has the following funding priorities:

Geistlich-Stucki Foundation - Basel

Funding priorities.

  • Main research areas: tissue regeneration (in the field of oral and maxillofacial surgery) using biological materials and cancer treatment
  • Support for individuals, teams or institutions that are not economically viable
  • Awarding of research contracts and recognition prizes
  • Award of scholarships

The Geistlich-Stucki Foundation mainly supports projects in Switzerland. Please note that the submission of documents does not automatically trigger entitlement to financial support. The Geistlich-Stucki Foundation may reject applications at any time and without giving reasons. The Foundation supports individuals, teams or institutions on a non-profit basis within the scope of its purpose, may award research contracts and recognition prizes and finance professorships at universities and their bodies.

You can submit applications via the corresponding links under “Funding areas”.

We look forward to receiving applications from you that are in line with our goals and meet our criteria.

Geistlich-Stucki Foundation - Basel


The amounts granted by the Geistlich-Stucki Foundation are paid into an account designated by the recipient institution or the recipient.

Naming of the foundation.

At the request of the Foundation Board, reference must be made to the Geistlich-Stucki Foundation’s support of the project in publications.

Progress reports for project support.

A signed report by the applicant must be submitted for the attention of the Geistlich-Stucki Foundation at any time when requested by the Foundation Board. The report should describe the progress of the project over the last weeks and months.

In any case, a full final report must be submitted after completion of the supported project.

Geistlich-Stucki Foundation - Basel